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Plan Your Innovation Journey

Your team now has access to a secure/private instance of an end-to-end network, with multiple architecture options:


Network in a Box Branch

This is an emulated platform with traffic simulators, including UE/RAN and a 5G core, deployed over a virtual cluster.


Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) Branches

  1. Fully simulated MEC branch, with UE/RAN+MEC+5G Core deployed over a virtual cluster.
  2. Physical Base Station MEC branch, with a physical UE and Base station located in France (partner: EURECOM) integrated with a MEC and 5G Core deployed over a virtual cluster
In Development

Semi-live Network Branches

  1. Real gNB in the Field: Planned for later stages (in collaboration with partner operators), integrating a physical gNB with virtual 5G Core.
  2. gNB in Lab: Planned for later stages (in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University) integrating physical access points (gNB) with virtual 5G Core.
In Development

Open-RAN in a Box Branch

Enabling testing using O-RAN deployment on a server at one of our partner universities, as well as virtual O-RAN integrated with our 5G Core.

Get to Work

All new users get our New User Onboarding Guide to serve as a roadmap to help you find your way around and make the proper configurations. You can deploy your company’s components for testing, development and experimentation. What use cases can you look into? The list is long and growing!

Connect to One of Our Facilities

In addition to 24/7 access to our virtual testing environment, the IEEE 5G/6G Innovation Testbed also has agreements with a growing list of partners that connect their facilities and a range of physical hardware environments to our digital hub through APIs.

  2. 5G/6G Innovation Centre – University of Surrey*
  3. Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab*
  4. IEEE access point*

* In development

Collaborate with Partners in the Testbed

The Innovation Testbed is an efficient place to do collaborative testing on short or long-term projects with your partners. IEEE can also facilitate the ability to start new relationships with other companies using the Testbed.