Use Cases

Explore Our Platform’s Versatility

The following are examples of the types of testing and development scenarios made possible by the 5G/6G Innovation Testbed.

5G Network Testing

Conduct comprehensive testing of 5G networks, including performance testing, latency measurement, and throughput evaluation.

AI and Machine Learning Integration

Explore the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms within the 5G/6G ecosystem.

Application Testing

Test and validate various applications, such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and multimedia streaming, on 5G/6G networks.

Big Data Analytics

Analyze large-scale data generated by 5G/6G networks and applications, supporting data-driven decision-making.

Hybrid Network Testing

Test the integration and performance of hybrid networks, combining 5G/6G with existing technologies.

Internet of Things (IoT) Integration

Explore the integration of IoT devices and applications within the 5G/6G ecosystem.

Interoperability Testing

Perform interoperability testing with different devices, equipment, and technologies to ensure seamless integration and communication.

Massive Machine-Type Communications (mMTC)

Evaluate the scalability and performance of mMTC, supporting the connection of a massive number of low-power IoT devices.

Mobile Edge Applications

Develop and test mobile edge applications that leverage edge computing resources.

Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) Deployment

Deploy and optimize MEC resources, enabling low-latency and high-bandwidth services.

Network Performance Monitoring

Continuously monitor network performance metrics to identify bottlenecks and optimize resource allocation.

Network Resilience Testing

Conduct stress and resilience testing to assess the network’s ability to handle unexpected loads and recover from failures.

Network Security Testing

Assess the security vulnerabilities of 5G/6G networks and applications, helping to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities.

Network Slicing

Create and test multiple network slices with different Quality of Service (QoS) levels to cater to diverse applications and services.

Network Slicing Orchestration

Experiment with the dynamic orchestration and management of network slices to meet varying service requirements.

Network Traffic Analysis

Analyze network traffic patterns and optimize data flow to enhance network efficiency.

New Algorithm and Protocol Testing

Integrate algorithms and protocols into open source components to see the impact on network operations and how it will impact the user experience.

New Network Function (NF) Integration

Test new NFs, evaluate how messaging is exchanged and how service provisioning works in this new upgraded architecture.

Open Access Experimentation

Experiment with open access networks, enabling them to assess the potential of open architectures and interoperability.

Performance Optimization

Optimize network configurations and improve overall performance.

Physical Layer Testing

Test use cases for physical base station configurations including MIMO antenna changes, scheduler operations, new modulation schemes, etc.

Private Network Deployment

Set up private 5G networks for secure and dedicated communications.

Quality of Service (QoS) Assurance

Validate QoS levels for different applications and services to ensure a consistent user experience.

Real-Time Video Streaming

Test real-time video streaming services and evaluate the impact of different network configurations on video quality.

Testing Orchestration and Automation Functionalities

Modify the templates used for pre-defined network operations or create necessary interfaces to collect data from the network in real time to support dynamic and smart network automation (including AI integration).

Third-Party Applications

Evaluate the feasibility and benefits of 5G/6G for applications such as gaming, intelligent transportation, energy management, etc.

Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communications (URLLC)

Conduct testing to ensure ultra-reliable and low-latency communications for mission-critical applications.

Virtualized Testing and Connectivity

Set up virtualized environments to test and evaluate 5G and 6G technologies. This includes virtualized radio access networks (vRAN), core networks, and edge computing resources.

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In Development

The following use cases are on our development roadmap:

Latency-Sensitive Applications

Evaluate the suitability of 5G/6G networks for latency-sensitive applications, such as real-time gaming and industrial automation.

Massive Multi-User Simulations

Simulate massive multi-user scenarios to assess network scalability and user experience.

Network Policy Management

Experiment with network policy management, ensuring proper enforcement and compliance with regulations.

Open RAN Integration

Integration and testing of Open RAN solutions to promote an open and interoperable ecosystem.


We are always looking for feedback from our users. Have you performed use cases that are not yet listed? Send us an email and tell us! Is there a use case you would like to see supported in the future? Recommend it for our development roadmap.